Tinyroots Premium Blend Bonsai Soil

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Most contemporary bonsai artists use a well draining non organic bonsai substrate in combination with an aggressive watering/feeding regime. This professional grade bonsai soil uses the best ingredients available to create a healthy growing medium for your bonsai.

  • All ingredients have been sifted to remove dust and carefully blended:
  • High Quality two line Akadama. This is premium akadama from Japan that we consider the best medium for water retention, aeration and root development.
  • Western US lava rock. A hard yet very porous particle to enhance drainage and water retention.
  • Pumice. Used by many as an ingredient for potted soil mixes and used often in the bonsai trade.


This soil allows you to vary your fertilizer depending on the species/development of your trees. Over watering is hard to do with this mix. It has been tested and used by many professionals who can attest to its efficacy throughout the US. It’s the soil used by Kaikou School of Bonsai Students.


Soil Ingredients:

  • Triple-Sifted Akadama
  • Red Lava Rock
  • Pumice
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