Adams-McKinney Copper Wire

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Black River Bonsai is proud to carry Adams-McKinney Copper Wire! Sold as individual rolls, or get the Special Set which includes one roll each of #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18, & #20

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Elevate Your Bonsai Craftsmanship with Adams-McKinney Copper Wire!
Unlock the secret to unparalleled bonsai training and refinement with our Annealed Solid Copper Wire, the preferred choice of bonsai masters. What sets copper wire apart is its exceptional property of adapting its stiffness as it wraps around a branch. Initially soft for effortless application, it transforms through work hardening, providing unmatched holding power. This unique characteristic makes it the go-to choice for bonsai experts.

Why choose Annealed Copper Wire?

  1. Ease of Application: Our wire is exceptionally soft, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free wrapping experience around branches.
  2. Superior Holding Power: As it is applied, the wire work hardens, significantly increasing its stiffness and providing unmatched stability
  3. Cost-Effective: Compared to aluminum, our copper wire is easier to apply for a specific holding power, requiring less wire and making it a more cost-effective choice per tree.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: With a dull reddish-brown color that seamlessly blends with the natural bark, our copper wire enhances the visual appeal of your bonsai.
It’s not just wire; it’s a craftsmanship essential. Forethought and precise wiring are encouraged, as the softness is lost after the first bending because this wire will work-harden to provide incredible holding strength to your bends. Master the art of wiring with our Annealed Copper Wire, an absolute pleasure to use with good technique.
For over thirty years, Adams’ Bonsai has quietly earned the reputation of being the preferred copper training wire supplier for bonsai professionals and knowledgeable hobbyists across the eastern US. This wire has received acclaim from international bonsai masters, attesting to its quality and effectiveness. In 2018, Julian Adams entrusted his legacy to his apprentice, Jeremiah McKinney, who now continues the tradition. Their commitment is to offer only traditional fire-annealed, soft-drawn copper wire (99+% pure). The coils are thoughtfully sized for easy transport from home to workshop, minimizing unintended bending and preserving the wire’s softness.
Elevate your bonsai artistry with Adams-McKinney Bonsai Copper Wire – where tradition meets innovation in every coil.
Made in the USA.


Note: shipping charges are an estimate based on the average order. Large orders with excessive weight (such as more than two of the Special Set) may incur additional charges. Smaller orders may see the freight partially refunded. 

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#6 (25'), #8 (25'), #10 (50'), #12 (50'), #14 (50'), #16 (50'), #18 (50'), #20 (50'), #22 (100'), Special Set