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Adams-McKinney Copper Wire


Black River Bonsai is proud to carry Adams-McKinney Copper Wire! Sold as individual rolls, or get the Special Set which includes one roll each of #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18, & #20

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Black River Bonsai is proud to carry Adams-McKinney Copper Wire!

Annealed solid copper wire is the choice of bonsai masters for bonsai training and refinement. Annealed copper wire has the unique property of changing its stiffness as it is applied to a branch. Annealed copper wire is very soft for easy application when wrapping a branch. As it is applied to the branch, annealed copper wire work hardens (greatly increases its stiffness) giving superior holding power. No other wire has this peculiar and useful characteristic. It is easier to apply than aluminum for a specific holding power, requires less wire, and is therefore less expensive per tree. Copper has the additional benefit of a dull reddish brown color that is blends with the natural color of the bark for a more attractive look. Forethought and correct wiring are encouraged since the softness is lost on the first bending. Annealed copper is a pleasure to use with good wiring technique yet is no worse than aluminum with poor wiring techniques. To avoid bark injury, wire should always be removed with wire cutters. Bright, shiny, copper wire is almost never annealed and is very stiff and hard to use.

Over the past thirty years, Adams’ Bonsai has quietly become the copper training wire supplier of choice for bonsai professionals and knowledgeable hobbyists throughout the eastern US. Their wire has been repeatedly used with pleasure by visiting international bonsai masters. In 2018, Julian Adams passed along his technique, machinery, tools, and cooker to his apprentice, Jeremiah McKinney.

They offer only traditional fire annealed soft drawn copper wire (99+% pure) in coils sized to be easily carried from home to workshop while discouraging unintended bending (with subsequent loss of softness). Their copper wire is sold by length (50 foot coils except #’s 6, & 8 in 25 foot coils) to facilitate easily estimating your needs.

Made in the USA.


Note: shipping charges are an estimate based on the average order. Large orders with excessive weight (such as more than two of the Special Set) may incur additional charges. Smaller orders may see the freight partially refunded. 

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#6 (25'), #8 (25'), #10 (50'), #12 (50'), #14 (50'), #16 (50'), #18 (50'), #20 (50'), Special Set