Juniper Blue Pfitzer


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Juniperus x ‘Pfitzeriana Glauca’ with a ton of potential. Multiple jins and shari highlight the flowing movement throughout the trunks. Lots of branches to choose from and very healthy foliage. Primary trunk is over 1″ in caliper and the tree is over 2″ wide at the soil line!


This tree was repotted in very early March in a DE/lava/pumice/bark soil. The pot is of unknown origin and while conifers are traditionally planted in unglazed pots the deep purple, nearly black glaze on this pot accentuates the bark and foliage of this specimen. The pot has two drain holes.


Height: 18″

Width: 23″

Caliper: 1″

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 25 in