BioGold Organic Fertilizer

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32 oz bag / 900g

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Biogold contains several types of natural bacteria for a slow but steady release of organic nutrients without disrupting soil chemistry (NPK 5.5/6.5/3.5). The pyramidal pellets are less likely to roll off while watering or may be pushed into the soil.

There’s a perfect balance of plant nutrients and trace elements that stimulate flowering and higher yields, and as opposed to traditional fertilizers that carry an odor, any smell will disappear after the first watering. Biogold also deters pests, mildew and worms.

Biogold is a complete fertilizer and is specifically formulated for Bonsai, but will also work really well with all a wide range of plants.


Directions: scatter pellets across the soil surface and then water. The pellets will provide a slow, continuous release over the course of two months with subsequent watering.

The recommended dose is 5 pieces for every 5 inches of pot size.

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